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What we believe in

We believe in the right for the UK to govern itself, rather than be governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. We believe that the British people are the best people to run our country!

We believe in the minimum necessary government which defends individual freedom, supports those in real need, takes as little of our money as possible and doesn’t interfere with our lives.

We believe in democracy devolved to the people, though national and local referendums on key issues, so that laws are made by the people’s will, not the elites of the political class.

UKIP says: Listen to the people!

UKIP in Bristol

The EU

UKIP was founded in 1993 to campaign for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Not because, as the media would like you to think, we have a problem with foreigners or that we don’t like Europe, but because the EU is an institution that is fundamentally un-democratic. It also wastes an extraordinary amount of our money and is very doctorial.

We were never asked to join a political union. In 1975 we were told by the government that we were joining a trading block (The European economic area). It sounded like a good idea, as at the time the EU’s economy was doing well and the UK was struggling. We were never told that we were joining a political union.

Over the years the EU has increasingly centralised power and slowly taken away national sovereignty from its member states. The British people have never been given the opportunity to have their say on this. This is why UKIP has fought for a referendum on the EU for so long!

Finally its come, on the 23rd of June 2016 the British people will have the opportunity to have their say on whether we stay or leave the EU!

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What UKIP stands for